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Joyce Tan


March 7, 2016

5 Top Spots for Stunning Artificial Green Walls at Home

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Going by the requests that we (Absolut Outdoors) have been getting, Artificial Green Walls or Vertical Gardens are gaining popularity in Singapore.

It used to be that people had only “live” vertical garden options where they had to water the plants religiously, or pay for expensive irrigation systems to keep their vertical green walls alive.

A few years ago, however, GreenTurf introduced realistic ranges of indoor and outdoor artificial vertical gardens. As their authorized distributor in Singapore, we have been installing these artificial green walls for many homeowners.

Because these artificial green walls do not require any watering, they are ideal for places where the sun doesn’t reach; where there’s too much sun (yes, really a problem here in sunny Singapore); or if you don’t want to worry about any mosquito risk with stagnant water associated with real vertical gardens.

Here are the top 5 spots where an artificial vertical garden would transform your home from “blah” to “WOW!”.

  1. Balcony

With more Singaporeans becoming more house-proud, balconies have been upgraded from drying yard to outdoor resort living spaces.

Outdoor artificial green walls are ideal for this as they use fake plants that are UV Stabilized. In plain English, this means that they retain their colour even after a period of time in the sun. Most artificial plants and flowers in the market (quite literally), are not UV stabilized and lose their colour after some time. If you intend to place these plants in your balcony or anywhere outdoors, remember to request for plants that can withstand the sun and rain.


  1. Roof Terrace

Roof Terraces are ideal for artificial green walls. Why? Well, most people don’t spend that much time on their roof terraces daily, but they do use them when entertaining family and friends.

So you really need your roof terrace to look good, but don’t want to have to worry about maintaining it daily.  Artificial vertical gardens fit these two requirements perfectly.


 3. Patio

If you stay in a landed home in Singapore, what’s more welcoming that a green wall at your patio? The sight of pretty foliage immediately helps you forget your stress from work and transport your mind to a calm oasis.

And when you’re calm and happy, you will enjoy and appreciate the time with your family at home that much more. Believe me, I’ve had days when I scream non-stop at the kids over anything and everything, and a calm state of mind would be very much appreciated. J


  1. Living Room or Family Room

An artificial green wall works like an art piece on your wall here. And we all know that art feeds the soul and enriches our lives.


  1. Powder Room

If you’re lucky enough to have a powder room at home, you could do with an artificial vertical garden inside it. It puts guests at ease, and makes your home look just like some high-end hotel toilet.

Best part? No maintenance required!

Are there any other places where you think artificial green walls would look good in? Let us know!

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