Our artificial Green Turf feels like real grass beneath your feet, so I’m sure children and adults alike will be able to relax and enjoy on it. It’s tightly and safely bound so kids will not be able to pull the grass blades out easily. What’s more, it also helps reduce the impact should a child fall while playing. As we use high quality sports-grade materials for our artificial turf that has passed international standards for fire safety and combustion tests, you can be assured that it is safe and built to last. As for wooden decking, Absolut Outdoors’ splinter-free composite wood decking is very popular amongst parents as there’s no risk of splinter injury at all. So rest assured that your kids are playing on safe grounds.

For Artificial Turf, we install efficient filter membranes to prevent sand and other larger particles from going into the drainage layers. Only fluids can enter your drainage outlets, hence mitigating any risks of chokage. For artificial turf, dirt and small particles are trapped on the surface and they can be easily vacuumed, the same way you’d clean your floors and carpets. As for decking, some dirt might inevitably fall between the wood planks. We can provide an access panel near the drainage point to allow for easy maintenance.

Usually for balconies or areas with hard standing ground, we will recommend to lay a drainage cell or honeycomb cell layer below the artificial grass. This allows a very smooth discharge of any water or rain water that falls on the turf. Some customers also opt to have a filter membrane to filter larger pieces of debris.

We use the T.O.U.G.H. Premium Artificial Turf System to install artificial turf on soil. T.O.U.G.H. stands for Turf on Undulating Ground with Hard Core. It is Absolut Outdoor’s own engineered system to ensure that your artificial turf floor has good drainage, is durable, looks like real grass and is safe for you and your family.

Artificial turf lasts up to 10 years with normal use. We provide a 5 year guarantee for our artificial turf products. For natural wood decking, regular maintenance such as sanding and re-varnishing should start after 18 months to ensure that the wood does not crack or splinter and the colour does not fade. Thereafter the natural wood decking should be maintained on an annual basis and can last for around 5 years. For Composite Wood Decking, we recommend re-varnishing with a UV Coating every 2 years. With regular care, Composite Wood Decking can last for 5 years or more.

Think vertical gardening and container gardening! But first, we suggest you cover up that planter to maximise your balcony space and prevent any accidents where people fall into the planters. Lay over the planter and entire balcony with the same material like artificial turf for a more spacious look and to lay the foundation of your balcony garden.Once the flooring is settled, you can simply get your favourite plants from a plant nursery. Group plants in various containers to create an eclectic plant corner. To save even more space, plant on the walls! Create a spice garden with your favourite herbs like basil and pandan leaves. If you do not have green fingers or travel extensively, consider installing an artificial vertical green wall to create a garden look without any maintenance.

The beauty of artificial turf is that it’s practically maintenance-free! Our premium-quality turf is able to withstand the elements so, even with rain and shine, it retains its colour and shape for up to 10 years. For spills and pet pees, just wash with soap and water. Give it a brush occasionally and the turf will regain its shape.
Well, we begin with a non-obligatory consultation where we visit your home and chat with you about your dream balcony or any corner of your home you wish to makeover. No space is too small or odd-shaped for our space planners. They will be able to advise you on how to make your home look bigger, or fresher, or more spacious. After you have decided on the look and feel, we will select the best materials together with you to create an area that helps expand your living space. Installation takes about 1-3 days depending on the complexity of the project. We also provide after-sales service in the areas of freshening your artificial turf, checking and maintaining the seams of the artificial turf installations and sanding down and re-varnishing of your decking.
You’ll be surprised at how affordable it is to makeover your balcony. For instance, it only costs as little as $800 to turf a balcony that can comfortably accommodate a 4-seater outdoor furniture set. Give us a call for a non-obligatory consultation and see for yourself. My team of friendly space planners are at your service.