Artificial Green Walls

Looking for a way to spice up your home or workspace?

Does the flat wallpaper look just not cutting it for you?

Read on as Absolut Outdoors has the perfect solution for you.

Creating A Calm Living and Working Space

Scientists have found that the colour green actually relaxes your nervous body system allowing giving you a sense of calm.

Green is perceived at 550 manometers which is a lower wavelength compared to the busy colours of daily life. When your eyes look green they don’t have to adjust or strain which gives your brain some peace of mind.

Picture this, it’s been a stressful day of work at the office or at home, your back hurts and your eyes are tired, you walk out to your balcony and you are greeted by a beautiful and strategically placed vertical garden. A sense of calm envelops you and all your stress melts away. Suddenly, everything is okay again.

Singapore is a concrete jungle, with an ever-growing population, the need for increasingly taller buildings and denser housing, living in Singapore can start to feel suffocating. Having a green wall in your house can create a calm environment in your home, one that you can look forward to returning to every day.

Fits Any Space

Whether you live in a cosy little apartment or have too much space than you know to do within your huge mansion, we have suitable green wall systems for all kinds of homeowners.

Here are some ways you can integrate a green wall into your home.

Creating Private Spaces

Have a nosy neighbour you want to keep out? Want some privacy in your own home?

We can build a beautiful structure in your garden to keep out prying eyes or build a nice vertical garden to split a room and give you a better sense of privacy.

Botanical Balcony

Why have a boring glass or metal balcony when you can have a perfectly integrated green wall?

Step outside to your balcony into a window of nature and take in the view. You’ll become the envy of all your neighbours with these professionally designed vertical gardens.

Eye-Catching Feature Wall

Feature walls have become a modern trend in interior design. Usually done by painting a singular wall with a different colour of paint or covering one wall with wallpaper, these feature walls become the focal point of your room.

Divert from this overused trend by having a textured green wall as your feature wall.

A green wall is the perfect conversation starter, your guest will definitely marvel at your green or even colourful living room centrepiece.

Why choose Absolut Outdoors?

Easy Customisation

Stay away from the mundane you’re a homeowner you should be able to express yourself however you want.

Choose a custom green wall that speaks to your style, go crazy with different plants and species to make your wall pop! Contact us to check out our menu of creative vertical garden options.

High-Quality Vertical Greenery

Nobody wants a cheap looking green wall in their home. Having to constantly pick up and fix fallen artificial plant pieces, the last thing you need is more housework.

Never worry, Absolut Outdoors only uses the highest quality of material in our green walls. The vibrancy of our vertical green systems are long lasting and don’t fade easily.

With 1 year guarantee, we assure you that you won’t regret getting vertical gardens with us!

Professional Installation

Installing your own green wall is a tall order (picture trying to build IKEA furniture with no instructions and only your bare hands). Our professional installers take all the hassle away from that process.

All you have to do is open your door when we arrive and we’ll handle the rest.

Our team make building all the different components and features look easy to install.

With our services, step away for a moment and come back to the green wall of your dreams, that’s all it takes!

Low Maintenance

Our vertical gardens require virtually no maintenance. Compared to natural gardens, our green walls don’t need a complex irrigation system or special windows for sunlight.

There’s no need for expensive nutrient-rich soil or hiring a weekly gardener to deal with your plant overgrowth.

Absolut Outdoor’s vertical gardens are low maintenance and protected by our warranty.

Without the cost of automated irrigation and nutrients care, you save cost over time while getting to enjoy the benefits of the green wall experience.

Project Gallery

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