About Absolut Outdoors

About Us

We’re an exterior renovation company based in Singapore. With Singapore becoming ever more densely populated, we saw an urgency to help you integrate your outdoor and indoor areas seamlessly, so that you have more space in your home.

What We Do

We do everything we can to make your outdoor areas comfortable, functional and beautiful. That includes any area that’s exposed to the sun and rain like your garden, balcony, roof terrace and even your driveway.

How Should You Get Started

Call us at 6749 8087, email us at enquiry@absolutoutdoors.com or Contact us to set up a call and free site visit to talk about what you want for your home. We have done outdoor renovations for many homeowners living in landed properties and high-rise apartments in Singapore and are familiar with the rules and regulations of each type of property. We look forward to helping you transform your balcony, roof terrace, or garden to be part of your dream home