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September 26, 2014

Transforming Balconies at Arc at Tampines

Exterior Renovation Tips

Arc at Tampines is an executive condominium project conveniently located at Tampines Avenue 8. It is near the Bedok Reservoir and a host of shopping malls likes Tampines Mall, Tampines 1, Century Square, Ikea and Giant Supermarket.

When we had the opportunity to transform some balconies at a 3-bedroom apartment at Arc at Tampines, we found the estate well-situated with many useful facilities.

1. Customer Consultation

During consultation, the customer was presented with many outdoor flooring options such as artificial grass, natural wood decking and composite wood decking. Based on the pros and cons of each type of material, they decided to use artificial grass to create an easy to maintain and soothing look for their balcony.

The bare balcony and service yard came with grey ceramic tiles, a drainage point, lighting point and electrical sockets. The balcony was fenced by vertical fencing strips in light grey. The grey colour used suited the overall look of the estate, but felt rather “cold” for a family home.

2. Drain Cells

We proceeded to lay on the drainage cells to ensure that whatever rainwater that fell on the balcony would not get trapped under the artificial turf. The rainwater, or any other liquid (say if someone spilt coffee on the artificial turf), would simply flow through the artificial turf, down under the drainage cells, and follow the gradient of the balcony flooring to the drainage hole where it flows away.

3. Installing Artificial Grass

Then we lay on the artificial turf that the customer selected from our range of 10 types of synthetic turf and 14 types of coloured outdoor rugs from GreenTurf. We used GreenTurf BG-30NF(Fresh) for this home. Once the green turf was rolled out, there were “oohs” and “aahs” all around. I guess everyone appreciates a little greenery in the home.

4. Maintaining Artificial Grass

To maintain the artificial turf, or synthetic turf, all the customer has to do is to pick up bigger pieces of rubbish like paper, vacuum the turf and hose down with either water, or a mild soapy solution. Basically, the usual things we do to clean our house. Artificial turf is a very durable material, so it does hold up to a lot of rough handling. We’re not suggesting that start yanking the artificial turf fibres to test it, but the turf we use as sports-grade material that stands up to intense wear and tear by footballers and other athletes.

And because many apartment dwellers use artificial turf on their balconies these days, we used GreenTurf artificial turf that has been tested to conform to fire spread safety regulations, absence of heavy metals and toxicity of combustion gases. Essentially, the artificial turf we use is safe, and we also use it in our own homes for our kids and pets to play on.

5. Adding an Artificial Green Wall for Privacy

We added a mobile artificial green wall at the side of the balcony. The artificial green wall uses artificial plants that do not require maintenance provide a really beautiful screen so that you have more privacy at your balcony. Because it is placed at the short side of the balcony, it does not block out the wind and the apartment is still nice and breezy. From tropical themes to romantic autumn leaves theme, there are many artificial green wall designs you can choose from.

6. Transforming the Service Yard at Arc at Tampines

This homeowner shared with us that he would most likely be using the service yard for clothes drying but saw no reason why the service yard should be less gorgeous than the rest of the house. After all, his lovely wife will be spending a lot of time there handling the clothes and the service yard was also in full view from the living room. So we also installed artificial turf at the service yard and put up a piece of green wall art to break the monotony of the grey slabs of walls and also add in a pretty view, as the service yard was facing the multi-storey carpark.

7. Styling the Balcony

We had lots of fun sharing with the customer how they could transform their balconies.

From quiet reading corners to children play areas, you will be surprised how useful your balcony becomes after you add on some artificial turf flooring and make the place welcoming. In fact, we find that there can easily be 2 pockets of activities at the balcony at any one point.

We hope you find this article practical and useful for renovating your balcony at Arc at Tampines. We have put together some special bulk offers for Arc at Tampines residents who want to install artificial turf, artificial green walls or decking at Arc at Tampines. Please Contact Us for a no-obligations enquiry if you are interested in renovating your apartment balcony at Arc at Tampines or other locations. We would be most happy to help.

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