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July 8, 2016

Top 10 Tips to Make Your Roof Terrace Shine

Exterior Renovation Tips

If your home comes with a roof terrace in Singapore, you truly are standing on a real-estate gem.

Commercial buildings are transforming their rooftop terraces into alfresco dining spaces, rooftop bars, and even pop up venues for hipster events.

So if your home has a roof top terrace, you have overcome the first and most important (not to mention expensive) challenge of creating your own alfresco real-estate gem.

Over the years, we’ve done quite a few roof terrace renovations for Singapore homeowners. These are the TOP 10 tips gleaned from these jobs that will help your real estate gem shine bright like a diamond.


  1. Interesting Outdoor Furniture

Unique shapes or textures can add much character to your roof top terrace. Keeping to a colour palette of not more than 3 colours will help to streamline the place and more it look coherent.

And if you have space, add a swing. The humble swing can evoke the sweetest childhood memories and bring a smile to even the most jaded soul. Kids love swings. And if you have a sand pit on your roof terrace as well? You’ll be their hero, ‘nuff said.


  1. Take Cover

A trellis or pergola provides much needed shade in Singapore’s weather. Get more information about Polycarbonate roofs here.

Keeping the sides of the trellis open complies with URA regulations and also allows for better circulation.


  1. Install Ceiling Fans

On days when the air is still, give it a boost with ceiling fans that don’t take up space, yet provide much needed breeze.


  1. Lights

Ambient lighting can really transform a roof terrace. You may not be aiming for a full-fledged rooftop bar counter look here, but having warm lighting adds interest to your roof terrace, and not to mention, help you see better at night.


  1. Screens

Use screens to demarcate areas for different activities, or to block out your neighbour’s clothes drying on their roof terrace. Many screen options are available.

You can choose from ready-made ones, custom-make a screen to fit your place perfectly, or even use tall plants as a screen.


  1. Don’t Neglect The Walls

Bare walls can enhance the beauty of a space when used deliberately. But if you’re looking at a spectacular view of the skyline from your roof terrace one moment and a plain white wall on your roof terrace the next, the experience can be described as “meh” at best.

Spruce up your walls with some textured paint, interesting tiles, or vertical gardens. You can even go for a combination of these. Most importantly, the material you choose must be able to withstand the sun and rain, and easy to maintain.

Here, we did some an artificial green wall for a customer to add warmth and a resort-feel to the roof terrace without having to spend time and money on plant maintenance once the artificial vertical garden is installed.


  1. Play Ball

No time to visit the golf course? No problem and no excuse to let your golf clubs rot. These homeowners installed putting greens, some big, some smaller, on their roof top terraces. We use artificial turf specially designed for golf, and also contoured the putting green to give golfers the same kick when they play on the real golf course. How fun is that?!


  1. Jazz Up The Floor

A roof terrace renovation won’t look complete without some lush artificial grass, warm wooden decking or even some colourful rugs. To make your roof terrace stand out even more, create different heights using platforms made of contrasting materials.

This can be used to demarcate areas where you can have different groups of friends or family hang out when you have a party.

And if you’ve got young children in your family, this colourful hopscotch floor installation will wow them. Made with the same materials as artificial grass, only more colourful, these are durable and are meant for the outdoors.


  1. Plants

Plant them in custom-built planter boxes or pots. Bougainvillea, Schefflera, Heliconias and popular as they come in various sizes and are easy to care for.

You could also plant herbs like basil, rosemary, pandan leaves and make your very own edible garden on your roof terrace. Visit plant nurseries and talk to the gardeners there to determine what plants will work for you and what won’t.


10. Clad It

Don’t let your utility room, generator or huge aircon compressors become eyesores on your roof terrace.

You can transformed into beautiful canvasses by cladding them with artificial grass, wood or artificial vertical gardens.

Feel ready to implement some of these ideas? Contact us at or 67498087 today for a no-obligations discussion today!

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