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Joyce Tan


February 3, 2016

This amazing table will solve your outdoor dining problems

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When you and your spouse first got your condominium or EC (executive condominium) apartment, you promised yourselves that you will find time to eat together at your balcony more often. (Singaporeans bond best over food, but you already know that, right?)

But then came the problem of space. If you put a dining table out at your balcony, where are you gonna hang your clothes out to dry?!  🙂

Or, if you place a small table there, it can’t fit more than a couple of drinks.

Ah, the clever people at Ikea have got this figured out for you.

So this table is extendable and can be found at Ikea Singapore for $159. It’s called the ÄPPLARÖ Gateleg Table. If you happen to go to the store and ask where the table is, feel free to show them this picture if you’re like me and can’t pronounce its name.


It opens up to 1.33 metres, so there’s more than enough space for you to lay out your spread for you and your partner to enjoy.

In fact, I think it makes a great buffet table when you entertain guests too. It’s sturdy, so I imagine you can pile it with lots of chicken wings, canapes, watermelons, cupcakes, laksa… I’m getting carried away, as you can tell.

When not in use, simply fold it up. But don’t just chuck it in a corner and stack your old newspapers on it. Place some nice flowers or succulents on it. It’ll beautify your balcony even when you’re not using it.

So there you go. No more excuses for not having that nice relaxing meal while enjoying the sunshine. Next week, I’ve got a Valentine’s Day meal idea planned for you. It’s easy, classy and yummy. And of course, you’re supposed to eat out there on your balcony for this Valentine’s Day. Stay tuned!

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