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Joyce Tan


April 13, 2016

The One Landscaping Tip You Need For A Designer Garden

Exterior Renovation Tips

A professional landscaper is able to add value to your property in many ways. For example, based on the sunlight and amount of ground water in your garden, the landscaper should recommend appropriate plants that not only will thrive, but will make your garden more beautiful, and add value to your home.

Professional landscaping specialists take into account many factors when making their recommendations. But for sure, there’s one thing you’ll never see a good landscaper do. And that’s exposing the pots of the plants. Unless they’re really nice pots, of course. I’m referring to those plastic pots that are not meant to be seen. 🙂

So how can this help us hobbyist gardeners up our gardening game? Well, take a leaf out of their books and cover up those pots! There are 3 main ways you can do so.

I’m suggesting options that are mobile and can easily be changed about for maximum flexibility.

  1. Stone Formation

Using stones or even bricks, you can easily create a cool screen to hide those pots. Play with stones of different sizes, space them out (or not), and you’ll have a designer look for your garden. This works very well for balconies too!

  1. Log Barricade

If you’re aiming for a more rustic look, get some logs and cover away. This option may be better suited for landed homes or roof terraces and not so much for balconies as the wood, being an organic material, may disintegrate over time.

  1. Plastic Picket Fence

They come in various colours like white or terracotta brown. There come in various sizes to suit pots of different heights.

Now you know how to make your garden look like it was designed by some fancy landscaper, go ahead and cover up those pots. But if you want more fresh ideas or want to do something more radical to your garden, the friendly and professional team at Absolut Outdoors is more than happy to help you with it!

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