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Joyce Tan


November 12, 2014

Sturdy Outdoor Rugs add fun to your home!

Exterior Renovation Tips

Other than the usual decking and artificial turf combination, our homeowner clients also have the option of using coloured outdoor rugs in their landscaping. We have a full range of 14 coloured outdoor rugs with colours ranging from the more understated neutrals to the fun pinks and blues! These coloured rugs are from the GreenTurf Home Furnishing Series that are high performance and can be styled in so many ways as they can be cut to fit any shape or size you desire.

This roof terrace that we installed for a client had pops of pink and blue steps flushed with the green artificial turf. The coloured turf not only added elements of fun to the roof terrace, but also served as a visual guide to mark out the walkway. 

Knowing that the coloured outdoor rugs are just as hardy as the artificial turf; and requires minimal maintenance gave the homeowners the confidence to select these materials. You can mix-and-match the colours with decking or artificial turf to create a balcony or garden that is unique to your family. We even have clients who custom make their family name in mandarin using these coloured turf. 

For fengshui reasons, some customers require rugs of a certain colour outside their house. Our coloured rugs are perfect for this purpose as they are able to withstand such wear and tear, and as it is made of a very tough type of plastic fibre, they can be washed without losing their structure or colour.

So when you are next considering flooring options for your balcony, roof terrace or garden, remember to give these coloured rugs a try!

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