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Joyce Tan


April 24, 2014

Smart Gardener: Urban farming made easy

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Have you always wanted your own spice garden but don’t have green fingers? Or do you think that your balcony is too small to plant anything useful? Or perhaps you travel most of the week and are only home during the weekends.

Instead of buying herbs from the supermarket and then feel guilty when you throw the un-used herbs away, why not plant them right at home? Meet the Smart Gardener, a revolutionary planter system that makes urban farming a reality. All you need for the Smart Gardener to work is a wall, your favourite herbs, some water and organic fertilizer.

The attached water indicator tells you when you need to water the plants. With the Smart Gardener, you can reap the benefits of vertical gardening to provide wholesome home-grown goodness for your family’s health.

And it doesn’t just have to be herbs. Think pretty flowers and colourful leafy plants that are natural mood boosters. Most of us are love plants but the Smart Gardener makes plants love us. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and create your own mix of herbs and plants today!


Each Smart Gardener Planter contains 4 individual plant pockets with water indicator at the side.


60cm (width) X 20cm (height) X 18cm (depth)

How to get one?

Please contact us at to get your hands on the Smart Gardener!

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