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Joyce Tan


December 23, 2015

Festive Promotion: 10 Sets of Bose SoundLink Mini 2 to be won!

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“Music touches us emotionally, where words alone can’t.” ~ Johnny Depp


Never underestimate the power of music. It can put you in the right mood for all you need to achieve. Over here at Absolut Outdoors, we love the Bose Soundlink Mini.

It’s wireless, so you can bring it with you to the balcony to play some soothing music when you’re doing your morning meditation and yoga.

It’s big on sound and has a deep bass, so you can hear the intricate arrangements in the music you love. During parties, bring it out to impress your friends. They’ll be wondering where you keep your sound system.

The battery life is 10 hours, longer than some of our phone batteries.

Ok, enough about the benefits already. I’m here to tell you that Absolut Outdoors is giving you a chance to win one of ten sets of these amazing wireless speakers that are tiny in size. Perfect for Singaporean homes.

How to win it? You need to sign up for any service by Absolut Outdoors from now till 28 Jan 2016 whereby every $1000 spent equals one chance to win. That means each person can get multiple chances to win. Each home address can only be entered once.


Some of the Services that Absolut Outdoors offers:

1. Decking (Natural and Composite Wood)

2. Artificial Grass

3. Artificial Green Walls

4. Trellis or Pergola

5. Landscaping and more

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Customer must sign up between 23 December 2015 to 28 Jan 2016. Draw will be held on 29 Jan 2016 and winners will be notified by email the next working day.
  2. Customers must spend a minimum of S$1000 in order to be entered to this promotion.
  3. Every S$1000 spent equals one chance to win.
  4. There can only be one winner at every address.
  5. There are 10 sets of Bose SoundLink Mini to be won. In the event that these are not available, we reserve the right to substitute the gift with another item of similar value.
  6. Gifts cannot be exchanged for cash or other items.
  7. Full payment has to be made for all jobs done for prizes to be claimed.

If you’re thinking of levelling your planter box; doing up your balcony with artificial grass or wooden decking; thinking of refreshing your garden; or installing an artificial vertical green wall; now’s the best time.

Call us at 67498087 or email us at today!

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