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Joyce Tan


January 12, 2015

Remove Door Scratches Naturally in 1 minute

Exterior Renovation Tips

Are you guilty of inflicting scratches on your door? If you carry your keys in a bunch like this, chances are, the door area near the key hole would have seen some damage over time.

Here’s one simple and super effective way to remove those scratches with one simple ingredient many of us have in our kitchen. If you love nuts and use them to bake or make cakes, the answer is right there in your pantry. Introducing the walnut, savior of scratched doors.
Nope, we are not nuts. This works. Simply rub the area with scratches that you want to remove over with a walnut. Use a circular motion and do this for about a minute. After that, simply leave the oils from the walnut to do its job, which is to seep into the scratches and seal the wood again.
After a few minutes, the scratches disappear and voila, your door or wooden furniture looks good as new!
We tried this on our door (thanks to our dear friend Mavis for this life hack tip) and it works wonders. Let us know which areas you try it on and whether it works for you!

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