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Joyce Tan


January 22, 2015

Personalizing your Mandarin Orange Tray for CNY in 5 Minutes

Exterior Renovation Tips

Mandarin oranges are a must-have in every home when it comes to Lunar New Year. How do you display them? We usually place them on a tray, and this year, we decided to add a little festive touch to the IKEA tray that we use for our candles for the mandarin oranges.

Many of you will recognize this tray from Ikea. To start personalizing your tray, get ready some red cord or red ribbon. Decide what sort of pattern you want, and start threading through the little holes in the tray. We engaged the kids to help us with this. It’s a great way to get them away from their electronic devices, and also get them really excited about their culture.

We followed the outline of the tray here.  Once you complete the loop, you can tie off the string at the back.

Feel free to do add colours, create concentric patterns or any other designs you or your children can think of. It’s a simple way to add your own touch to your home.

Now simply place the oranges on top, and you have yourself a festive tray for the season.

Do share with us your designs and we hope you have a wonderful time prepping your home for Chinese New Year!

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