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Joyce Tan


March 28, 2016

Improve your Golf with a Putting Green at Home

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With an impressive swing of your wood, you manage to get the ball on the green in one stroke. A birdie is in sight.

Except your short game sucks. That hole ends with a bogey. Or maybe even a double bogey.

Of course I’m joking with the story above. But for people who love their golf game, this is serious stuff.

So how do you improve your golf game?

Try getting more practice at home. In Singapore, unless you live in a huge good class bungalow, most people won’t imagine that you can play golf at home.

But you can.

We’ve been helping many customers build putting greens at their balconies, roof terraces and at the sides of landed houses.

We use the GreenTurf Pro Golf Series Artificial Grass to install these putting greens and build nice aprons around to create a more beautiful landscaped look and also slow down the roll of the ball towards the outer edges.

A home putting green cannot replace your actual golf green (of course you know that), but it can give you the chance to hold your putter and practice your swing on a very realistic surface. We take time to shape the slope of the greens to give you an authentic playing experience. And you can practice as often as you like in the comfort of your home.

All the time spent practising is gonna count, and the next time you hit the greens, your friends will be wondering how your score improved so much.

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