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December 3, 2013

Home and Décor Fair 2013

Exterior Renovation Tips

It was a hectic but oh-so-satisfying weekend that we had at the Home & Décor Fair 2013. It is our second time participating. As with last year, the venue is at Marina Square Atrium.

Our theme this year is centered on balconies. Since we know that many HDB flats and Condos such as Estuary, Prive, The Minton and Adora Green have just TOP or are going to TOP in the near future, we thought it would be apt to share ideas on how our artificial turf, composite wood decking and artificial greenwall can be used to dress up balconies to extend your living space.

Firstly, we transformed one side of our booth to a balcony with artificial turf. If you are a family with young kids, you will appreciate the extra space your balcony gives you once we have covered the planter box and lay over with artificial turf. The artificial turf is really low maintenance and requires only vacuuming and washing with a mild soapy solution to clean thoroughly. It is safe for kids and pets to play on, and is really cost effective. It used to be that fake grass really looked “fake”, if you know what I mean. But not anymore. Fake grass now look and feel good.

On the other side, we transformed the balcony floor with composite wood decking. Unlike natural wood decking, composite wood decking is splinter-free, and maintains its colour really well over the years. We even had a storage box/ bench made out of the 6 types of composite wood decking we have. Our decking comes in natural brown colour, dark walnut brown colour, and gray colour! It really is a versatile type of outdoor flooring. As compared to natural wood such as chengal wood, composite wood requires lesser maintenance such as regular sanding. Do you like the beautiful Singapore skyline we chose as the background?

Then there’s our greenwall arch and table. We just love the way our logo is nestled in the lush tropical artificial greenwall. Many of us do not have the green fingers (or thumbs for that matter) required to keep a live vertical greenwall, well, alive. After a while, it kind of becomes a brown wall. Well, we wanted to show you that with our artificial vertical greenwalls, you can inject greenwall beauty in your home, whever you want it. Yes, even where the sun doesn’t shine.

At the invitation of Home & Décor Magazine, we also helped to makeover one of the walls at the Home & Décor Fair. They had this beautiful red brick wall look done up, and all we had to do was inject our creativity to dress up that wall with a touch of green. Do you like our cute white wall hanging pots and plants?
All in all, we had a great time at the Home & Decor Fair sharing landscaping, interior design and balcony design ideas with you. If you missed us there, you can always visit us at the Absolut Outdoors showroom. See you soon!

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