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Joyce Tan


April 17, 2014

Guide to Covering Balcony Planters and Balconies with Wooden Decking

Exterior Renovation Tips

Most of us living in Singapore should be pretty familiar with the term “Balcony Planter”. Many homeowners that we meet ask us to propose solutions to cover those planters up for various reasons like safety, and overwhelmingly, simply because they do not intend to do that much planting! One popular option is to cover the balcony planter with wooden decking using composite wood or natural wood like teak.

We cover up balcony planters in ways that do not require any drilling to the ground or walls. Here’s a step-by-step guide on what we do to cover up balcony planters and deck the balcony with composite wood.

Step 1:

We first create a secure wooden structure for the balcony planter to raise it to the same height as the rest of the balcony. This is done without drilling into the balcony.

Long vertical strips of wood are then laid on the tiled areas.

Step 2:

Once the structure is completed, we start to lay the natural wood or composite wood strips. Wherever necessary, we will trim and join the wood to ensure a seamless flooring while catering for the natural expansion and contraction of the wooden strips due to weather changes.

Step 3:

The decking is given a proper cleaning once it has been laid out. From there, feel free to set up an alfresco dining area on your balcony, create a quiet reading corner, or simply roll out your yoga mat and dig in to that down dog pose. Enjoy.

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