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September 10, 2015

Four Places where you can Build a Putting Green at Home in Singapore

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“Sometimes, the biggest problem is in your head. You’ve got to believe.”

— Jack Nicklaus, Golfing legend

Yes, that’s right. A putting green for golf, right at home. Even if home is an apartment in high-rise Singapore, it is still possible to install a putting green right at home and improve your short game.

We can’t guarantee your wife’s approval, but we’ll be sure to build a putting green with nice contours where you can practise your putt and truly see your game improve. It’s not just aesthetics, although a putting green at home does look really cool… With GreenTurf’s Pro Golf system, the playing surface is like the real greens, so that your practice at home counts. It may even inspire your child to be the next golfing extraordinaire.

  1. Balcony

We’ve built putting greens on big and small balconies before. Those that are bigger see up to three holes for practice, and if the balcony is really narrow, just have one hole. We can still create a challenging contoured surface for you to play on and improve your golf skills.

  1. Roof Terrace

Roof terraces in Singapore are usually rather big. Because home owners like to turf up the roof terrace for easy maintenance and beauty, they sometimes also get us to install a putting green. It makes for an enormously entertaining activity when friends and family come to visit.

  1. Sidewalk of A Corner Terrace House

Corner terrace homes in Singapore have a side walk way of 2 meters or more. This is an area of the house which is very under-utilized and we’ve built many a putting green here. It helps to green the house, doesn’t require any maintenance, and provides a relaxing activity for the family to bond over.

  1. Garden

If you live in a landed home in Singapore, you can have your putting green and even a sand bunker in your garden. We still use artificial turf to create the putting green even if your garden is a soil-based one. This ensures that you do not have to hire someone to maintain the putting green for you and that you have a great playing surface anytime you go to your garden.

Still thinking about that putting green? Talk to us for a free consultation or site visit. As they say, practice makes perfect, so get your game on!

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