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November 14, 2016

Customized Trellis Cover Using Two Materials

Customer Home Spotlight

There are some things in life that we can buy off-the-shelf, and some that are just way better when customized.

A trellis is one of those things better customized.

You get to choose the material and colour of the structure and cover, the size, and whatever extra fittings like lighting and fans.

For those who worry that too many choices may be overwhelming, we assure you that we are there to work hand-in-hand with you to create the trellis you want and need.

This recent trellis installation project saw us customizing the roof by using two different materials.

Opaque and Transparent Trellis Roof Covering
Opaque and Transparent Trellis Roof Covering

After listening to our customer’s needs, we understood that the room adjacent to the balcony that needed a trellis was facing the West. If you’ve lived in Singapore before, you’ll know that our West sun is no joke. It gets quite hot and glaring.

One option to minimize the West sun glare would be to use full Aluminium Composite Panels to shield the room from the sun, but in this case, it doesn’t discriminate whether it’s the West sun, or the nice early morning gentle sun.

And the homeowners still like their dose of vitamin D and would prefer to have a bright environment.

Ultimately, we installed this trellis using two types of materials as the cover: Aluminium Composite Panels to block out the harshest sun; and Polycarbonate to allow light to pass through, but not hit the room directly.

The Best of Both Worlds
The Best of Both Worlds

The structure is made out of galvanised steel that will not rust over time. For more information about galvanised steel vs non-galvanised steel, read our article here.

Modern galvanised Steel Trellis in Singapore
Modern Galvanised Steel Trellis in Singapore

The result is a truly useable and liveable space that addresses the needs and wants of the homeowners. With the trellis constructed, all the homeowners need to do are to figure out how they want to dress up their gorgeous balcony and whom they want to entertain there first.

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