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October 13, 2015

Custom-made Tree Planter

Exterior Renovation Tips

“Trees’re always a relief, after people.” 
― David MitchellBlack Swan Green

One of the great things about living in a landed property in Singapore is that there are many places where you can incorporate nature and greenery like trees and green walls.

Corner Terrace and Bungalows

Corner terraces and bungalows have got strips of land that take trees and surrounding shrubs well. Inter-terraces have got air-wells that are perfect for planting some trees or flowers and perhaps even incorporating a high artificial green wall on one of the walls.

Ficus Tree (榕树)

We recently custom-made this planter to house a Ficus tree. The roots of the tree had lots of character, much like how my face would look like if I live to be a hundred years old. Lots of criss-crossing lines, speaking of years of long life, experience and wisdom (probably imagined wisdom, in my case). It would be great to have them show up above the soil, provided the tree could establish itself and thrive.

Fengshui (风水)

The tree had to be planted at the front of the house (Fengshui master’s orders, meant to block off harmful energies and protect the people living there). The only issue was a drain right where the tree was supposed to be located so we could not plant it right into the soil.

Sturdy Customized Planter

Hence, the idea of the planter was born.

We had to make it high enough, so that there was enough soil for the roots of the tree to thrive, ensure that the roots do not break through the planter when it starts to grow. We also had to ensure that the water is contained within the planter to prevent any water leakage that comes out as nasty looking calcium stains (which is only cool when you’re trying to show off to your kids about the difference between stalactites and stalagmites, what again?).

So, armed with our geotextile, aluminium sheets, drain cells, soil and some muscle power, this custom-made home for this Ficus tree was born.

I reckon it’d be nice to add some cute farm animals like a rooster, rabbits and even some duckings to the planter to make it homely and fun for the children. I’m sure there’ll be many happy memories made sitting on the planter, beneath the tree.

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