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Joyce Tan


May 7, 2015

Custom-made Outdoor Furniture

Exterior Renovation Tips

We love furniture shopping, especially when there’s no budget or space constraint. Alas, we are usually constrained by both how much we want to spend on a piece of furniture, and whether we have space for it at home.

In Singapore where space is rather limited (think shoebox apartments), store-bought furniture just may not fit in ways that help to maximize the usage of the space. In some apartments, we even have to customize children’s beds and study tables to make sure they all fit. For outdoor areas such as balconies, roof terraces and gardens, the customization is also essential to make sure things fit, and also function well.

1. Customized Planter Partition

For example, this homeowner had an extremely long balcony that linked to the living room and their bedroom. They did not want guests (or in-laws) peering in to their bedroom from the balcony. We proposed a neat and unobtrusive solution: a planter box customized to the dimensions of their balcony. The homeowners have the option of planting their favourite flowers in those pots or use artificial plants to save any maintenance hassle. This privacy shield looks really pretty when fitted with plants that their guests never felt offended.

2. Rain Shield for Washing Machines and Dryers

Anyone who’s ever experienced power trips because of water entering their washing machines or dryers placed in the yard will appreciate this little rain shield that we custom-made for this home owner. There was of course an access point for the cables and ample space for the machine to air and not over-heat. This beat the previous makeshift solution of covering the machines with PVC sheets that tend to flap wildly in the winds when not secured properly.

3. Custom-made Wooden Bench

In this case, the homeowner liked a particular bench but could not find it in the right size to fit in his roof terrace. We custom-made one in the exact dimensions and stained it in the colour that the homeowner wanted. This is now the favourite seat in this roof terrace!

Do you have a particular piece of outdoor furniture, planter or structure you would like to custom make? Feel free to contact us at to let us know if we can help!

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