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Joyce Tan


March 10, 2015

Ceramic Tiles vs Artificial Turf on Roof Terrace

Exterior Renovation Tips

In Singapore, many developments and homes use ceramic tiles outdoors as they are hardy and easy to clean. The look may be a bit dated, but many homeowners accept it as a sort of necessary evil to avoid having to spend too much time and money on maintenance.

A new breed of homeowners now recognize that artificial grass is also really easy to maintain and clean and has the power to transform an outdoor area like this terrace from blah to wow! Here, we clad the floor and the wall with GreenTurf BG30-NF. This is made of sports-grade materials and is very durable in Singapore’s weather that can range from a prolonged hot and dry season to perpetual thunderstorms.

Maintaining your artificial grass is as easy as these 3 steps:
1. Pick up large pieces of debris by hand
2. Vacuum if desired
3. Hose down with water is desired.

Customers whose pets happen to pass urine on the artificial grass simply hose down the area with water to remove all traces of smell. You can read our post here to get more details on artificial turf maintenance.

Next time, if you are thinking of transforming your balcony, roof terrace or garden, do give artificial turf a try! Contact us at to enquire about our product and installation warranties.

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