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Joyce Tan


February 22, 2016

Building a Trellis at an Office Balcony

Exterior Renovation Tips

Some call it a Trellis, others call it a Pergola. Whatever you call it, a trellis, is simply made up of a structure and a cover. The structure of a trellis is likely made up of wood or steel. In the olden days, we used to have zinc roofs but these days, most trellis roofs are made of polycarbonate or aluminium composite panels.

This office, located somewhere in Ang Mo Kio contacted us for ideas on how to make their outdoor balcony more useful and have it serve their staff and clients well.

The staff working there wanted to be able to have their meals out on the balcony, alfresco style. Given Singapore’s hot weather, they also needed the balcony to be cool.

Some meetings involving clients may also be held out at the balcony.

We demarcated the long balcony into two separate dining and relaxing areas using different outdoor flooring. On one half, artificial grass was used to create a soothing chit chat corner.

On the other half, wooden composite decking provided the base for a long dining table.

A trellis was carefully constructed. The steel structure was painted a dark brown and aluminium composite panels were installed to block out most of the harsh heat from the sun.

A ceiling fan and lights were installed with careful consideration paid to the wiring to ensure that they place looks elegant.


The result is this relaxing balcony in an office that serves the employees, owners and clients well. I’m sure looking out into the horizon helps to relax the staff and improve productivity.

Now wouldn’t you want your office to have a beautiful balcony like this too?


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