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May 8, 2022

Case Study 2: Building a Usable Rooftop Space Combining Practicality and Aesthetics

Exterior Renovation Tips

At the end of 2018, we were contacted by a client to provide solutions to their outdoor living space. Our team visited the site to thoroughly analyze the outdoor space to give the client sustainable solutions specifically tailored for this penthouse project.

Upon arrival, we found several issues on the site.

  • Firstly, we chose to test the umbrellas that were on the site. We tested the umbrella’s durability and found that it was difficult to open and close. It also posed a safety risk during cases of high winds.
  • Not to mention that multiple adjacent units are seen with only the frame of umbrellas as temporary shelters. During heavy rain, it might not be the most effective cover.
  • We also noticed that water tends to splash water from the stairs onto the upper floor, resulting in some water stains on their wooden flooring indoors.
  • The site was bare and barren, with nothing interesting to look forward to.
  • Flooring-wise, the temperature can get hot under the notoriously scorching Singaporean sun, making it unusable barefooted.

The site owners emphasized the need to be able to use the space on rainy days. And for their children to be able to roam around the outdoor area with a roof over their heads.

Preliminary Proposal

The team reviewed the owner’s patio design layout and thought of solutions to fit the client’s demand; we proposed a few different design layout which may cater to the clients needs. Our planning focus was simple. We wanted to combine functionality and aesthetic values to the dull space.

  • Artificial green walls are proposed to create a cozier and calming ambiance to the outdoor space, while also softening the steel structure around it.
  • Next, to increase the users’ comfort, we planned to install a fan and lighting system beneath the roofing to maximize its use.
  • Streamlining the greenery was another step we took to create a more cohesive space. We visualized integrating wooden planters with the potted plants around the decking to create a softer screening option.

The main objective behind doing so was to maximize the usage of the outdoor living space. We wanted it to be a space that will be used to its full potential.

It was also essential for us to re-use existing materials to complement the new space so that the old materials do not go to waste.

New sun shading features remained crucial in the planning process; the new sun shading feature intended to utilize the openness of the space to take advantage of the site’s windy location. We proposed various possible coverage of the roofing which will suit the client’s needs before finalizing on a coverage that will be approved by the authorities as well.

Overall these changes would eventually increase property value, which would be beneficial for any of the owner’s future plans.

During The Process

After confirming the core elements of the planning phase, our team started to execute the plan of action.

  1. Hacking off the tile and screed layer to expose the RC slab below.
  2. To abide by the Singaporean Building Construction Authority (BCA), we followed the stipulated regulations that require the steel plate to be mounted on an RC slab for structural stability.

3. Waterproofing specialist was called in to provide waterproofing protection of the steel as well as the existing flooring. This is to prevent water ingress into the lower unit.

4. Adhering to the BCA standard welding of steel structures, the team performed the MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspection) to test welding joints for any possibility of defects and welding inadequacy – and of course, our team of welders passed it without any issues at all.

5. We placed canvas protection of steel plates to minimize surface water seepage while allowing time for the waterproofing membrane to cure fully.

Add On Services: Waterproofing Works

Considering the current site has some water seepage through its flat roof – above the stairs landing, we decided to take the project another step further by waterproofing it up.

So, we conducted a thorough cleaning of the concrete surface, patched up the cracks found on the site with cement, and on smaller crevices, we injected it with chemicals.

We imposed the three-coat waterproofing system to ensure that the space was robustly waterproof.



The Completed works: Galvanised Steel Structure with Fire Rated ACP roofing panels

The structure was installed with a new lightning protection system, with a certified report submitted to BCA.

Upon completing the steel structure, the completed photos were submitted to obtain the Certificate of Statutory Completion (CSC) from BCA. 

After Completed Works: Composite Decking with Lighting Fixtures on Steel Structure

The current door height was too low for standard decking; hence a customized finish was created to accommodate this feature.

We chose to incorporate a slight slope to measure child-proofing potential tripping hazards, especially since the owner has younger kids.

Warm track lights were also installed, and the reflection of the white reflective base of the roofing panels created a cozy setting for the outdoor space.

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