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Joyce Tan


April 25, 2014

Balcony Makeover at The Minton

Exterior Renovation Tips

We were working on some balcony jobs at The Minton recently and found this property at Hougang Street 11 really charming with lots of beautiful landscaping and great facilities for adults and play areas for children. What struck us about The Minton was the generous balconies  for the high-rise units. These areas allow homeowners to create peaceful spots in the house where they can really rest and relax.

Most of the high-rise units from 1 bedroom to 4 bedroom units come with balconies in their living rooms. Many of these balconies also come with planter boxes for residents to green their apartments and the property in general.

Most of the homeowners whom we spoke to preferred to cover up the planter boxes as they did not intend to do that much gardening. Many of them also feel that some of the planters, like the 3 bedroom units with layout F1 are a bit of a hazard as they are just 2 deep holes in the ground at the kitchen area.

1. Covering Planter Box with Decking

In one instance, we covered the balcony planter with decking. The homeowner chose to keep the tiled flooring on the balcony. This helped to create more space at the balcony and allowed the homeowners to place potted plants if they so wished to later on.

2. Covering Planter Box and Entire Balcony with Artificial Turf

Here, we covered the planter and entire balcony with artificial turf. When we saw the end result, we were surprised at how big the whole space looked. We put it down to the fact that we used a single material to cover the entire balcony and planter instead of using 2 different materials for the flooring. When we started to put in the furniture, we realized that the balcony for this 3 bedroom unit was of a seriously good size! Check out how the outdoor chair and the kids’ table and chairs fit into this balcony without it being cramped!

The Minton Balcony with Synthetic Turf and Outdoor Sofa

3. Artificial Vertical Green Wall Art

To further create a garden feel for this balcony, we also put up a vertical green wall here. As this is made of artificial foliage, no maintenance is required of the busy homeowners. These green walls come in various designs and sizes and are like art pieces on the walls and are great conversation pieces when friends and relatives visit.

We’re just dreaming of all the possibilities of fun we can have on this balcony. The durable artificial turf is easy to vacuum and wash, which means the kids can have hours of fun with their sand box, play dough and craft activities out here on the balcony while mum or dad sips a cuppa and flips through the latest magazine. Or how about a BBQ session where you can overlook the greenery outside while cooking the food. The fumes will not linger in the house as you are cooking outside. As the artificial turf is made of flame retardant sports-grade material, you can be sure it is safe and lasts and lasts.

So if you are one of the lucky ones staying at The Minton, congratulations to you! It’s indeed a beautiful estate with a homely vibe. If you need some ideas on how to transform your balcony with durable outdoor flooring and wall covering materials that are safe and lasting, please feel free to call us. We would be glad to share our ideas and provide a no-obligations quotation to you. In fact, here’s a flyer that we have sent out to interested homeowners at The Minton. Check it out, and we hope to hear from you soon!

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