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September 17, 2014

Balcony Decorating Ideas from Singapore Garden Festival 2014 – Part 1

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This year’s Singapore Garden Festival (SGF) featured 8 balconies in their Festival Highlights – Balcony Gardens. There were so many great ideas all round. Here. we share some of the ideas that we think are beautiful and practical for Singapore’s balconies.

1. Green Wall Art

In this first balcony, potted plants and air plants were nicely framed up to look just like pieces of artwork. If you do not like the hassle of having to prune and water the plants frequently, you can use artificial plants for the same effect. The much larger green wall up front can also be created using artificial plants and in various patterns to suit your taste and decor theme.

In this balcony with yellow walls, the plants were embedded into a beautifully carved piece of wood. Combined with the warm tones of the furniture, this balcony would appeal to the nature lover.

2. Incorporating Artificial Grass in Balconies

Many homeowners and interior designers are now in on the secret that artificial turf is a very cost effective and impactful way of decorating and transforming balconies. It is a very light material, so using artificial grass as a wall cladding or even ceiling cladding is gaining popularity. The fact that artificial grass can withstand the sun and rain and maintain it’s look for years to come also means that it is great for balconies that get lots of sun and rain, and are used very often.

3. Pops of Colourful Furniture

Homeowners these days are getting more adventurous with their balcony decoration. It used to be that the balcony was used for planting pots and pots of plants and no one in the family really went out to the balcony to enjoy it. Now, with internal floor areas shrinking, the balcony becomes a precious part of usable space in the house. These days, we use the balcony as chill-out corners for reading, quiet contemplation, for the children to do messy art and craft stuff and so much more. Having comfortable pieces of furniture there really helps.

We hope you liked these ideas we shared here base don the beautiful balcony gardens showcased at the Singapore Garden Festival. Watch out for the next blog post where we share more ideas! Please feel free to contact us if you would like to incorporate some of these ideas in your own balconies. We would love to help!

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