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Joyce Tan


September 1, 2015

An Office Right Out of The Enchanted Forest

Exterior Renovation Tips

“I don’t believe in things like that – fairies or brownies or magic or anything. It’s old-fashioned.”
~ quote from Enid Blyton’s The  Folk of the Faraway Tree.

I think you’d agree that adding greenery to the office benefits the people working there, and also appeals to their desire to be near nature (what experts term as Biophilia). But what if the office is tucked away in an industrial area and sees no sunlight?

This was the challenge faced by the interior designer of this office space. Using the artificial green wall solutions from GreenTurf Asia, we helped to overcome the limitations of there being no sunlight and greened the office from pillar to wall to ceiling. And slide.

Now who’d mind spending more time in an office with the Faraway Tree and a slide from Moon Face’s house that’s right out of the Enchanted Forest? Now that’s a smart boss who knows how to create a comfortable and magical working environment for his staff.

If you want to create your own fantasy space at home or in the office, let us help! Email us at or Contact Us today.

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