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December 3, 2013

5 Ways to Use Artificial Turf in your Retail Store

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Artificial Turf is slowly but surely creeping into interior design concepts for retail stores. What used to be a product used as an outdoor flooring solution is fast becoming popular in interior design as well. Instead of the usual carpet, laminate, wooden or tile flooring, interior designers and shop owners now have an additional flooring option to work with that is artificial turf. Other than flooring, how else can you use artificial turf? Today, we share with you five ways in which you can use artificial turf in your retail store.

1. Artificial Turf as Flooring

This is the most obvious way to use artificial turf in your retail store. Given the myriad of choices of artificial turf these days, you can surely find one to suit your concept. For example, synthetic turf comes in various shades of green from bright green reminiscent of the Kentucky Blue grass to a more subdued green resembling the zoysia grass. Artificial Turf also comes in various lengths from the short pad grass like those used in golf putting greens, to long wavy blades of grass as long as 3.5cm.

2. Artificial Turf as Wall Cladding

Why not clad those walls or pillars with artificial turf? If you happen to have a pillar in your retail store, you will appreciate the need to soften the look and touch of the pillar for aesthetics and safety reasons. Artificial turf, or synthetic turf is the perfect solution for that. It adds a touch of greenery to your store and makes the pillar a bit more palatable and not so much of an eye-sore. If your customers include children below the age of 12, the artificial turf wall cladding really acts as a safety padding as well.
When used to adorn an entire wall, it adds depth to the store and makes your retail store look bigger than it actually is. Research has shown that the colour “green” evokes feelings of peace and calm to people. This is the perfect setting for your retail store if you are selling wellness-related products like aroma-therapy or body care products and wish to induce such feelings of peace and calm in your customers.

3. Artificial Turf for Product Display

It was almost a decade ago that supermarkets used plastic looking artificial turf to display their fresh (or not so fresh) produce like sushi and even vegetables. Since then, artificial turf technology has improved by leaps and bounds. Artificial turf actually looks like real grass these days. So why not go ahead and display your wares on artificial turf? Just take care to make sure that the produce is fresh.

See how the products really “pop” when they are set on an artificial turf display as compared to a plain white display base?

4. Artificial Turf Floor Mats

Artificial turf can be cut to various sizes. You can use artificial turf floor mats to accentuate certain displays. Product displays always look better set against another texture as compared to simply set against the actual flooring. It emphasises the product display and products. You can also brand the artificial turf floor mats to give a more distinct identity to your brand.

5. Artificial Turf to Accentuate the Logo

Set your logo against an artificial turf backdrop and make it the first thing that people notice. In the concrete jungle that most cities have become, anything green automatically draws our attention. Using green artificial turf as your logo’s backdrop instantly commands people’s attention and allows your logo to stand out amidst the competition. Give it a try. Since artificial turf can be trimmed to any shape or size, you can experiment with it easily.

We hope you find these few ways of decorating your retail store with artificial turf useful. Do let us know in the comments if you have other ideas to share with us. Till next time, have fun decorating with artificial turf!

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