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December 21, 2015

5 Easy Ways to Style a Small Balcony for Christmas

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It’s that time of the year when it gets oh so cold in some parts of the world and children get to make snowmen and have snowball fights.

Not in Singapore though. It’s a wee bit cooler, definitely wetter, but still just as humid!

The weather being as it is, we still get touched by the Christmas spirit (how not to? The malls are only playing Christmas carols this time of the year).

But this year, it’s a little different. You’ve just gotten the keys to your condominium apartment, and it comes with a balcony. If your balcony comes with a planter, you may want to level the planter box first. Read our post here.

A balcony means lots of different ways to style your home for Christmas without eating into the precious living room area.

I’ve got five easy ways for you to style your balcony this Christmas. Between Ikea and Daiso, you would have gotten most of the décor items down pat.

1. Live Poinsettia Plants

Ok, maybe add Cold Storage to that list. There’s nothing like a pot of red festive poinsettias to add some yuletide cheer to your home.

Now you see why artificial turf is good? It just sets off plants beautifully, and come Chinese New Year, you just change to pussy willows. Can’t get easier than that.

 2. Magazines and Small Christmas Tree

This one’s from Ikea. I think it makes perfect sense for Singaporean homes. Plus, the artificial grass is really soft, just don’t sit on it when its high noon. But that’s common sense right? Bring out your magazine, plan your Christmas dinner menu and guest list in comfort.

 3. Music

Music…makes the people….come together…

I didn’t say that. Madonna did. But it’s true, right? You need a “powderful” sound system to play lovely music that will move your guests.

Hubbies, sorry, I wasn’t gonna recommend some super-duper sound system which name I can’t pronounce and takes up way too much space.

All you need for some party music is this baby: Bose SoundLink. Small, but powerful, this one.

4. Cushions and Mats

Pretend that it’s a picnic. The kids will love this set up. Pour your favourite drink and get some fresh fruit to nibble on. Cherries are in season this time of year. Bonus point? If the kids mess up with the juicy cherries, the decking (or artificial grass) is really easy to wash and clean.

5. Adults-Only Balcony

This is perfect for the balcony in your master bedroom. Make it a no-kids zone. Why? For safety and sanity. You don’t want your kids climbing up your stool and endangering themselves. Making it a no-kids zone also means that you have a corner in your house that you can call your own.

You can chill out there, read the books you always wanted to without being disturbed. Trust me, you will love this adult corner of your balcony.

Be sure to follow us on our social media to get more styling ideas. Better still, tag us at #absolutoutdoors to show us how you’re styling your balconies. Can’t wait to see them!

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