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August 25, 2015

3 flooring options for Private Enclosed Spaces (PES) and their Pros and Cons

Exterior Renovation Tips

Congrats! You’ve just the keys to your ground floor Executive Condominium (EC) or Condominium unit. Now you’re probably thinking whether to leave the private Enclosed Space (PES) bare as it is or install some sort of outdoor flooring.

Here are a few options for your outdoor flooring and the pros and cons of each.

1. Tiles 

P: No additional costs as this came with the house that the developer built.

P: Reasonably easy to vacuum and mop

P: Lasting, unless your neighbour above drops something heavy.

C: Dirt tends to get stuck in the grout lines (where the tiles join) as the PES is exposed to the sun and rain.

C: Slippery when wet.

C: Very cold and bare look. Hard to create the outdoor living mood.

C: Boring look. Unless you remove these tiles and use new ones with fancy designs. Then that will cost more.


2. Decking

P: Beautiful decking can create the cozy resort feeling. Well, even restaurants with alfresco dining areas use decking.

P: Easy to clean.

P: Transforms your PES or balcony instantly with many decking styles to choose from.

C: Definitely cost more than if you were to leave it in the original tiled condition.

C: If you choose natural wood decking, be prepared that the wood needs varnishing every year and may splinter after being exposed to the sun and rain in Singapore’s weather.

C: If you choose composite wood decking, the decking may warp after being exposed to the hot sun and rain over time.


3. Artificial Grass

P: Easy to vacuum and wash.

P: Not slippery, even when wet.

P: Can create a nice outdoor ambience with the right outdoor furniture, cushions, and even an artificial green wall.

P: Can create your own outdoor flooring design with many colours of artificial grass to choose from. You can also match with decking to really create a nice resort ambience without need for much maintenance.

C: Again, this will cost more than if you were to leave it with tiled flooring provided by the developer. But compared to decking, artificial grass is cheaper.

C: Can be hot to step on during noon time. But you wouldn’t be out in the hot sun on your PES during noon time, would you? At least not in Singapore, I guess.

Ultimately, you need to ask yourself how you see you and your family using your Private Enclosed Space (PES) or even balcony. Is it just going to be an area where you will hang your clothes out to dry (your $ million dollar property? seriously?) or you want to create more space that you can actually enjoy. And then, there’s of course your budget. Go for something that allows you to enjoy your likely expensive home (this is Singapore, after all) to the fullest and not break the bank while doing that. Remember that you paid for that outdoor space as well, and with Singapore getting to be more crowded, isn’t it nice to have a peaceful outdoor space to call your own, right at home?

Please contact us at or call us at 67498087  for a no-obligations discussion for your PES or balcony flooring. We have lots of experience transforming the balconies and PES of many condos and ECs in Singapore such as the ARC, Trilliant, Trivelis, Prive, The Minton and many more and would love to share our ideas with you.

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